About Us


Kobus Lourens grew up in the farming community town of Standerton, situated in the Highveld of South-Africa.

Kobus moved to the big city to pursue a career in Marketing & Sales. The expensive prices for meat in the city opened a gap for them. Highveld meat just tastes better…

So, Kobus shared a simplistic idea…

FarmMeat now deliver meat at fair price, compeared to the city’s butcheries & supermarkets without compromising on the quality & taste

We are your “Meat-Pack Butchery”

Our quality meat comes from the well-established, Verblyden Plaasslaghuis Butchery
which is situated on a farm outside Standerton, in the Highveld of Mpumalanga.

We distribute only the best quality meat from Verblyden Plaasslaghuis Butchery to you, in Gauteng, at the best possible prices.

kobus lourens